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Activities for NDIS Participants

Welcome to Our NDIS Activities Program

Our program offers a variety of engaging and fun activities for individuals with disability. We aim to provide services that suit the individual's needs and interests. 

Horse Therapy 

What are the Goals of Equine Therapy?

The goals of equine therapy depend on the unique individual.

Common goals of equine therapy are to help an individual find relief from stress, manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve communication skills, build trust, secure wellness, or learn how to regulate their emotions. 

Cognitive benefits associated with equine therapy can include: 

Improved concentration and attention

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Patience
  • Judgment
  • Communication skills 

Cooking Activities 

About : Our cooking Activities offers a fun and interactive way to learn new culinary skills. From basic food prep to creating gourmet dishes. Our program provides a range of cooking experiences to help develop everyones independence in the kitchen.

Benefits: Develops accountability and independence in the kitchen. Helps to improve communication and social skills. Encourages healthy eating habits.

What to Expect: Weekly cooking classes with qualified and experienced chefs. Hands-on practical experience in the kitchen. Access to specialized equipment and tools. 

Music & Dance Activities 

Music: Our music Activities offers a range of musical experiences for individuals with disabilities to explore and expand their musical abilities, confidence, independence, and knowledge

Dance: Our dance Activities offers a range of dance styles for individuals with disabilities, from hip hop to jazz. Developing this hobby can improve body awareness, health, and physical capacity.

What to Expect: Weekly classes with trained professionals, provided a safe sheltered space, within an inclusive community, and the opportunity to perform and showcase skills and movement. 

Art and Craft Activities  

About: Our arts and crafts Activities offers a wide range of creative experiences for individuals with disabilities. From painting and drawing to scrapbooking, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Benefits: Increases creativity, communication, and self-expression. Helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Encourages task concentration and focus.

What to Expect: Hands-on experience with a variety of art mediums and methods. Access to specialized equipment and tools. Guidance and support from experienced art therapists and instructors. 

Exploring Nature: Spending time outdoors can provide a variety of benefits, from improving mental health to boosting self-esteem. With adaptations, individuals with disabilities can enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Nature Walks: Connecting with nature has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in individuals with disabilities. We offer guided nature walks and excursions to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor spaces such as national parks and hiking trails

Scout-Based Activities: Participation in scout-based programs and activities for skill development and community involvement. To acquire valuable life skills, leadership abilities, and contribute positively to the community.

Physical Activities 

Yoga: Improves our range of motion and flexibility to relieve stress. Key to developing healthy habits, pain relief, personal independence and stress relief.

Swimming: Stay cool and get a full-body workout with our refreshing swimming classes. Swimming can also assist with trust, healthy habits, fitness and mobility.

Boxing: Get your heart rate up and build strength with our high-intensity boxing classes. Boxing assists with core strength, metabolism, independence and stamina. 

Tabletop Activities 

About: Our tabletop activities offers a range of fun and challenging game experiences for individuals with disabilities. Allowing them to build thinking skills, make friends, and improve their social capacity.

Benefits: Develops strategic and critical thinking skills. Encourages and develops social interaction and teamwork. Offers a fun and engaging way to learn and practice new social and creative skills.

What to Expect: A variety of board games and Tabletop RPGs to choose from. One-on-one assistance and guidance from trained professionals. A supportive and inclusive environment for all. 

Drama Activities 

About: Our drama Activities offers a dynamic and engaging creative outlets for individuals with disabilities. We provide a supportive environment where individuals can explore their creativity and express themselves through drama.

Benefits: Drama develops their self-expression and communication skills. Encourages creative problem-solving and critical thinking. Boosts confidence, independence, teamwork and self-esteem

What to Expect: Weekly drama classes with trained professionals covering various aspects of drama and theatre, including improvisation, script work, and stage presence. 

Personal Project 

About: Our personal project Activities encourages individuals to pursue a project of their own interest and design. We systematically support the individual in every step.

Benefits: Encourages independent thinking, personal capacity, and problem-solving. Helps improve focus and concentration. Builds self-confidence, planning, and time management skills.

What to Expect: One-on-one support and guidance to help the individual intelligently plan and pursue their personal project goals. 

Exploring Outings Activities 

About: Our exploring outings Activities offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to explore the community and develop new skills while having fun. 

Benefits: Builds independence and confidence.Develops social skills and communication.Offers new opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun 

What to Expect: A variety of outings to choose from, including museums, galleries, theatres, parks, and more.One-on-one support from trained professionals.A fun and inclusive environment for everyone. 

Wellbeing Sessions 

Physical Wellbeing: Our physical therapy programs include exercises that help individuals develop strength and flexibility. We believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Emotional Wellbeing: We provide talk therapy and counseling sessions to help individuals develop emotional wellbeing and resilience. We provide individualized support to those who are struggling in different aspects of their lives.

Social Wellbeing: Our therapy services aim to promote social and interactive skills. We offer different social activities in a supportive and inclusive environment such as cooking, arts and crafts and group games

Education Sessions 

Support: Our highly trained educators work 1:1 with individuals to develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills, to assist with creating resumes and cover letters and finding suitable employment opportunities.

Group Learning: We offer group classes in a range of areas from computer training, to art appreciation, to basic living skills. These classes provide a relaxed and friendly environment for learning.

Adaptive Technology: Adaptive technology can help individuals with disabilities to communicate, learn, and interact with others. We teach individuals of all ages to use assistive technology to best meet their needs and assist them in achieving their goals.

Common questions about NDIS and disability services

What types of support does NDIS funding cover?

Not all types of support required by a person living with a disability fall under the responsibility of the NDIS . Some supports are funded by other areas of government (e.g. state health systems) or existing public/community services. In general, the NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary supports that help a person living with a disability enjoy an ordinary life. These supports and services fall into three categories.


Capacity building

Are the Disability Support Pension and the NDIS linked?

The Disability Support Pension along with other income supports and payments such as the Carer Payment, Carer Supplement, Carer Allowance and Child Disability Assistance Payment are entirely separate to the NDIS. These payments will not be affected if a patient qualifies for NDIS funding (the exception to this is the Mobility Allowance from Centrelink, which may be replaced if your patient’s NDIS plan includes transport-related funded supports). It’s important to note that someone who is receiving the Disability Support Pension is not automatically eligible for NDIS funding and supports.

Am I eligible

People receiving support from other governments

Transitioning to the NDIS

Continuity of Support

How to apply

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