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Welcome to Centre Core, your dedicated NDIS Provider!

At Centre Core, we're here to make a real difference in your journey. Our comprehensive services are carefully designed to revolve around you, focusing on Regular Individual Support, Social Networking, Community Participation, and Respite Services. And that's not all – we've got your back with personalized care plans and a goal-oriented system that ensures your ongoing safety and well-being.
Our Vision
At the heart of our company lies an unwavering commitment to our core values that guide us. Which are composed of respect, confidence, potential, ambition, and opportunity. With respect at our core, we foster an environment of confidence and collective potential. Learn More

Our Mission
Centre Cores key mission is to improve lives through the execution of our vision and values. We aim to help people improve their quality of life through the discovery, development, and dynamic execution of personal skills and related interests. Learn More

Our Services

Activities for NDIS Participants

Activities for NDIS Participants

Welcome to Our NDIS Activities ProgramOur program offers a variety of engaging and fun activities for indiv...

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Activity for Non NDIS Participants

Activity for Non NDIS Participants

Welcome to our Participant andActivities Page If you're looking to explore your psyche, improve your commun...

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Respite Care

Respite Care

Overview of Respite Care Retreats by the Beach: Coastal areas with sand and sea views offer a relaxed envir...

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We embrace the diverse nature of all our participants and team members.


Our participants always come first. Everything else follows.


Think compassion before judgement. We value an individual’s right to choose

We listen, we care

We make the effort to understand each person and what matters to them.

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